You need to execute on Arduino 1.0.x. This is the version of the Arduino stable control.

I. What is bootloader

Bootloader is a small program loaded on control chip on Arduino. You make a Arduino easily may be a 3rd. If no bootloader, you will not upload the program on the Arduino on the regular as usual, which must need a other hard hardware support (call to Programmer). Bootloader help for your chip can be load code with USB UART, after the loadable instead of chip on board uno corrupted, or load the code directly through id arduino software.

II. How to upload bootloader

Step 1: up code arduino ISP for main board (A)

Step 2: put wire follow picture below

III. Bootloader for chip ATmega8, ATmega328

1. ATmega8, ATmega8 smd

2. ATmega328

3. ATmega328 smd

IV. Upload code

After bootloader, You can upload code by Arduino IDE.

Step 1: Open Arduino IDE

Step 2: Open example program Arduino ISP

Step 3: Upload example program Arduino ISP for Arduino board has bootloader

  • menu Tools -> Boards choose arduino board had bootloader
  • menu Tools -> Serial Port choose arduino port
  • menu Tools -> Programmer choose AVR ISP
  • Press Ctrl + U for upload program

Step 4: Burn bootloader

  • menu Tool -> Boards choose board you want to burn bootloader
  • menu Tool -> Programmer choose Arduino as ISP
  • menu Tools choose Burn Bootloader
  • … wait a minute

When you burn bootloader success, you will see LED 13 on 2 board blink. That mean you success!

Thanks you!